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National Championships
New Rules Policies 2017
Created On: November 25, 2016

Rule 8 Sec 3 B. P 31 To Read
When the pitcher tells the umpire to intentionally walk the batter
Effect B.
Effect A-B. If a male batter is walked, he will be awarded first base. If a female batter follows him in the batting order, he will be awarded first and second base. The female must bat. If an incorrect batter is standing in the on deck circle, a male batter that is walked, goes to first base only. Ball is dead and base runners advance only if forced. Ref Rule 7 Sec 5
Rule 8 Sec 3 E P 31 To Read: 
If the catcher obstructs him or prevents him from striking at a pitched ball. 
(no change to effect)
Rule 7 Sec 3B P28 To Read:
He enters the batter’s area with an illegal, non-approved or altered bat.
(Keep letter M but leave blank) 
(Keep Effect M but leave blank)
Rule 13 Sec 1 B p55 to Read:
A minimum of 4 females and a maximum of 6 females, defensively and offensively, and a maximum of 6 males and a minimum of 4 males, defensively and offensively must be maintained in a coed game. 
Rule 8 Sec 5 F p 32 to Read:
A coach or base runner that physically holds, carries, pushes or assists another base runner, to assist him (her) to reach, leave or return to a base. 
Effect 5F:
The assisted base runner is out, the ball is alive and all other base runners are in jeopardy.
Add to STG&OR Sec 1B. p 58 Add to existing E.
All suspended players shall be listed on the Slo-Pitch National Suspension List
As of 2017, all bats used in the National Championships must carry the latest USSSA compliance thumbprint on the taper of the bat. These will be the only bats accepted for National Championships.
Rule 8 Sec 15 P37
The beginning of Sec 15 to read:
A courtesy runner is an eligible player from the offensive team who replaces a base runner. He is in the game when he occupies the base of the player he is running for. He may be used………………………………………………..etc.
Rule 8 Sec 15 P37
Delete (provided the batter has safely reached base).
Rule 5 Sec 6 B (V) P23
Delete (V) As a courtesy runner when he takes the base of a person he is running for.