Ontario Provincial Championships - Tournament Schedule


Sept 13, 14, 15 – Niagara Falls

Patrick Cummings Sportspark – 9000 Sodom Rd, Chippawa

Mens C, D   Womens D, E

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All start times are tentative; the official tournament schedule will be posted at the tournament headquarters

Patrick Cummings Sportspark – 9000 Sodom Rd, Chippawa on Friday, Sept 6th

Teams will be provided with their first game time only, with the remaining game-times being provided at the tournament check-in 

All team must check in at 1 1/2 hours before their first scheduled game from Thursday, Sept 12 starting at 7pm, Friday Sept 13 starting at 7:00 am. Be prepared to complete tournament registration 

Tailgating and any outside alcohol at any one of the diamonds is prohibited Any team or individual team member found to be in violation of these rules will be removed from the tournament without compensation 

At the end of each game it is the responsibility of both teams to accurately report the score and ensure it has been posted to the tournament boards 


Get ready for all of the fun activities planned to complement our event Dates and times for our activities are as follows:


Kahunaverse Sports on Site Open 6 - 9 pm*



Kahunaverse Sports on Site Open 9 am - 6 pm*

Bernie Borgemen Acoustic Entertainment 2-4 pm


Kahunaverse Sports on Site Open 9 am - 5 pm*

Bernie Borgemen Acoustic Entertainment 2 - 4 pm


Kahunaverse Sports on Site Open 10 am - 2 pm*

*subject to change



(Updated 09/11/2019 2:00 pm)

Mens C

Fri Sept 13  Stratford Cubs    RH Athletics  12:45 PM PC1 
Fri Sept 13  Thundercats    Team Equip JR  12:45 PM PC2
Fri Sept 13  ZRW Giants    Uride Mets  12:45 PM PC3
Fri Sept 13  Venom   Welland Expos 12:45 PM PC4
Fri Sept 13  Worth Carnage    XX Rejects XX 12:45 PM PC5
Fri Sept 13  Royals   Renegades  2:00 PM PC1 
Fri Sept 13  Pandas    Niagara Sick Jays  2:00 PM PC2
Fri Sept 13  Impact   High Voltage  2:00 PM PC3
Fri Sept 13  GS Sports Nation   G.C. Lunsbury Dirty Mitts  2:00 PM PC4
Fri Sept 13  Cavemen   BDT Transportation Cardinals  2:00 PM PC5


Mens D


Fri Sept 13  YKRT   Yellow Bandits  9:00AM PC1
Fri Sept 13  Zee Jays    Z = 852  9:00AM PC2
Fri Sept 13  Zion Rockdogs    TJs Bulldogs  9:00AM PC3
Fri Sept 13  Wheatkings   Wheatley Gaurdians/Pirates  9:00AM PC4
Fri Sept 13  Wihlidal Chiropractis    Wildcats  9:00AM PC5
Fri Sept 13  Wolfpac    Wood Ducks  9:00AM PC6
Fri Sept 13  The Juggernauts    The Freaks  9:00AM JAP1
Fri Sept 13  Tillbury Trades    The Outlaws  9:00AM JAP2
Fri Sept 13  Trojans    Un-Athletic Men 9:00AM CLF1
Fri Sept 13  Sudbury Orioles    Sylvain 9:00AM PPK1
Fri Sept 13  Broken Rubbers    D5 9:00AM PPK3
Fri Sept 13  Triple X   The Dingers  9:00AM LBP
Fri Sept 13  Roadhouse Reapers    Richmond Hill Diamond Jaxx 9:00AM AGB
Fri Sept 13  Sarnia Ladouche    Sals Pizzeria  9:00AM ESC1
Fri Sept 13  Springfield Isotopes    Strata Wealth  9:00AM ESC3
Fri Sept 13  Random Bandits    Rampage  10:15AM ESC3
Fri Sept 13  Rally Killers    Pro Trades Rebels  10:15AM ESC1
Fri Sept 13  ProAble.com Bombers    Owen Sound Gators  10:15AM AGB
Fri Sept 13  Overdrive    Outlaws  10:15AM LBP
Fri Sept 13  Country Chaos    Orioles  10:15AM CLF1
Fri Sept 13  Orillia Express    One Swift Strike  10:15AM PPK3
Fri Sept 13  Nitro   Niagara Yankees  10:15AM PC1
Fri Sept 13  Woodstock Nationals    Mushballers  10:15AM PC2
Fri Sept 13  Masked Avengers    Orillia Red Blacks 10:15AM PC3
Fri Sept 13  Niagara Nationals    Majors  10:15AM PC4
Fri Sept 13  London Gators    Leamington Cubs  10:15AM PC5
Fri Sept 13  KW Longhorns    Welland Onetimers  10:15AM PC6
Fri Sept 13  Juice Monkeys    Jose's Bar & Grill 10:15AM JAP1
Fri Sept 13  Hydra    Ingersol Bandits  10:15AM JAP2
Fri Sept 13  Hurricanes WFD    Holy Gloves  10:15AM PPK1
Fri Sept 13  Hi-Tec SPC Rockets    Heritage Hitters  10:15AM VCA A
Fri Sept 13  Gym Class Heroes    Gunners  10:15AM VCA C
Fri Sept 13  Glove Machine    Giants  10:15AM JSP2
Fri Sept 13  Free Agents    Fightin Gnomes  9:00AM JSP2
Fri Sept 13  Dwinnels/Polyjohn   Dunny Dusters  9:00AM VCA A 
Fri Sept 13  Double Barrell Shotguns    DIY Pallets Canada  9:00AM VCA C
Fri Sept 13  Degenerates    Crush 11:30AM  PPK1
Fri Sept 13  Cornerstone Bilding    Collingwood Rookies  11:30AM  PPK3
Fri Sept 13  BWP Indians    Bulldogs  11:30AM  LBP
Fri Sept 13  Brotherhood 2.0    Bronte Dodgers  11:30AM  JAP1
Fri Sept 13  Broncos    Brew Sox 11:30AM  JAP2
Fri Sept 13  Booze Pigs    Baseball Furies  11:30AM  CLF1


Womens D

Fri Sept 13  Wreaking Crew    Wild Cat Advanced Towing  11:30AM KPK1
Fri Sept 13  Welburn Service   Vipers  11:30AM  KPK2
Fri Sept 13  Tyrone Construction CLBs   Tailgators  11:30AM  KPK3
Fri Sept 13  St. Mary's B Brew   Slight Imperfection 11:30AM PKPK4
Fri Sept 13  Service Master    Scared Hitless  11:30 AM ESC3
Fri Sept 13  Royals    Ricart 11:30 AM ESC1
Fri Sept 13  Renown   Quinte Fireballs  11:30 AM JSP2
Fri Sept 13  Queens Cougars    NRG 11:30 AM PC2
Fri Sept 13  Napanee Leather & Lace    London Bennett Fleet Rentals  11:30 AM PC3
Fri Sept 13  Lady Nicaro    Double Diamond  11:30 AM PCH
Fri Sept 13  Huskies    Hit Disturbers  11:30 AM AGB 
Fri Sept 13  Base-ic Pitches    GS Sports Dragons  11:30 AM HPK1
Fri Sept 13  Fired Up   The Eager Beavers  11:30 AM PC4
Fri Sept 13  Black Listed Beauties    Bombshells  11:30 AM PC5
Fri Sept 13  Basic Pitches    ANAF Extreme  11:30 AM PC6
Fri Sept 13  GWB Tilco Electric    Lady Legends  11:30 AM PC1


Womens E


Fri Sept 13  Stiff Competition   Stephenson Real Estate Sirens  9:00AM CLF2
Fri Sept 13  Studabakers    We Got Ballz 9:00AM PCH
Fri Sept 13  Smack it    Severn Bat Intentions  9:00AM HPK1
Fri Sept 13  Smoke Show    Who Wants Some  9:00AM KPK1
Fri Sept 13  Ritchies Expendibles    Ramma Moccasin 9:00AM KPK2
Fri Sept 13  Orillia T+Gees Landscaping    Overhaul Homes  9:00AM KPK3
Fri Sept 13  Oneil Tire    Scooter's Hooters  9:00AM KPK4
Fri Sept 13  Ponytail Express    Postma Fitness  10:15 AM KPK4
Fri Sept 13  More than 12 TZ Diamond Divas    Orillia Smile Centre 10:15 AM KPK3
Fri Sept 13  Max's Smoke Shop   Wolf Pack 10:15 AM KPK2
Fri Sept 13  Mckenzie CarQuest    Lafleche  10:15 AM KPK1
Fri Sept 13  Lady Ball Hawgs    Ladies Evolution Sports  10:15 AM HPK1
Fri Sept 13  Inferno   Hunter Electric  10:15 AM PCH
Fri Sept 13  Happy Hour   Hairballs/Backalley Bar  10:15 AM CLF2
Fri Sept 13  Dirt and Diamonds    Diamond Divas  11:30 AM CLF2 
Fri Sept 13  Davey Gravel   DHA Lady Hawks  12:45 PM CLF2
Fri Sept 13  Wild Pitches    Cleats & Cleavage  12:45 PM PCH
Fri Sept 13  Bullets    Blazin Ballz  12:45 PM HPK1
Fri Sept 13  Bat Attitudes    Aftermath 12:45 PM LBP
Fri Sept 13  Craptacular 2    Kelsey's Kocktails  11:30AM  VCA A