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  • Should a tournament be cancelled due to weather and where play has not yet started the Tournament Convenor may withhold up to ($20) dollars per team to offset expenses.


  • Where a tournament is cancelled during the course of play the tournament convenor may withhold monies from the team entry fees.


  • Where a tournament has been cancelled and fifty (50%) percent of the entire tournament schedule has been completed there is no obligation on the part of the convenor to refund any portion of a team’s entry fee.


Where a tournament has reached the fifty (50%) percent completion point and is cancelled the convenor is required to distribute prizing and qualifying berths as applicable. To determine team placement in this situation the following criteria shall apply:


For elimination (double or single knockout) Tournaments

o lives remaining 

o head to head record

o Plus/minus record between the tied teams

o Plus/minus record for the elimination or championship round

o Plus/minus record throughout the tournament

o Plus/minus differential based on actual game scores

o Total runs scored

o Total runs allowed

o A flip of the coin


For Round Robin Tournaments – Round Robin results are determined based on the promise that the same amount of games has been played by each team. If a difference in the total number of games played by each team exists then teams who have played more games shall have randomly selected games deleted from the won-lost record until such time as all teams have a record based on the same number of games. The selection of which game(s) is to be eliminated shall be done by random draw of the Tournament Convenor in the presence of a team representative.


The tournament convenor will decide with help from the facility director and umpire in chief whether or not the diamonds are deemed playable and do everything in their power to get the entire tournament played.


In the event that a tournament is interrupted by inclement conditions or unforeseeable circumstances the Tournament Convener may decide to complete the balance or portion of the remaining schedule by:


o Five runs per inning with the last inning being open

o Changing the length of the games to five innings.

o Moving from a double knockout to a single knockout format.

o Batter starts with a 1 & 1 count.

o 2 pitch game

o 1 pitch game


These rules shall be in effect at all SPN-MB sanctioned tournaments and will be applied up to and  including Provincial Championships. These rules do not apply to SPN National Championships.





Conduct Policy


All S.P.N. umpires shall conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the Code of Ethics as published in the SPN Rule Book.


Umpires participating in any SPN event must refrain from consuming alcohol or any other mind altering substances that may impair their judgement.


Umpires in uniform shall not enter a beer garden unless directed to do so by the UIC or until the last game of the day has started.


Umpires shall refrain from smoking while on the diamond.


Failure to comply with the Code of Ethics followed by written complaint to the Provincial Umpire –In- Chief (PUIC) may result in umpire membership cancellation.


The SPN PUIC may impose a temporary suspension not exceeding seven days on an umpire where allegations of improper activity have been made.


All written complaints shall be investigated by the Provincial UIC or his delegate, followed by a written report which will be discussed with the Umpire.


Recommendations for any sanctions shall be made by the UIC to the Disciplinary Committee of SPN for final determination.


The umpire shall be notified of any investigation and subsequent action, in writing, following the review by the SPN Disciplinary Committee.


The umpire has the right to appeal any sanctions imposed by the Disciplinary Committee but must do so in writing within twenty days of the letter from SPN Regional Office.



Certification Policy

An SPN umpire is required to certify each year.


Certification requires an 80% level of achievement on a written test of knowledge administered by SPN.

Under extenuating circumstances the PUIC may grant umpire registration.


Uniform Policy

An umpire is required to wear the official SPN authorized uniform when officiating in SPN sanctioned events.


The uniform shall be as described under Rule 10 of the current SPN Rulebook and shall be in good condition. An exception will be the black long sleeved pullover with an embroidered   SPN logo and “Umpire” may be worn over the official uniform when required.


Failure to wear the uniform as required may result in sanctions being brought or the umpire being suspended by the PUIC.


The SPN logo shall not be used on any umpire apparel without the expressed permission of the PUIC.


Tournament Policy

Umpires will be paid at a rate of $25.00 per game by SPN at all Provincial/National Championships.


Tournament Conveners are required to provide a minimum of five days advance notice to the umpire allocator regarding the number of teams. Location of the parks, game times and any other data necessary for the allocator to assign umpires for the tournament. Insufficient notice may result in the loss of Tournament Convener to hold future SPN sanctioned tournaments.


There will be a UIC for a Provincial/National who will receive $100 for each day in which games are schedule.


There will be a DUIC for any National/Provincial Tournaments, that has thirty-five or more teams or that is played in multiple locations. They will be remunerated at a rate of $100 per day.


Playability of Fields: At Provincial and National Tournaments it will be left to the discretion of the individual umpire, in consultation with the UIC or his designate, and an SPN representative as to the ability of the game to continue, due to deteriorating field conditions. The UIC or his designate, in consultation with the SPN-BC tournament representative, will facilitate the completion of the Tournament with whatever means at his/her disposal.


Umpire Selection Policy

Umpires will be selected to officiate at National and |provincial Championship Tournaments on the basis of merit.  




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