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Slo-Pitch National Programs


The Slo-Pitch National program is enjoyed throughout all geographic regions in Canada. The nation, for SPN Organizational purposes, is divided into 8 Regions (Click here to view map):

  • Pacific Region – British Columbia & Yukon Territory
  • Mid-West Region – Alberta & Northwest Territories
  • Prairie Region – Saskatchewan
  • Central – Manitoba & Nunavut
  • Ontario Region
  • Québec Region
  • Maritimes – New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island
  • Atlantic – Newfoundland/Labrador

Each region is overseen by a Regional Director, Provincial Coordinator and Umpire-In-Chief.


Membership Programs


Membership programs are offered to Leagues, Teams, Conveners and Umpires. The various membership programs offer Insurance Coverage, Event Participation, Rules and Magazines. Instruction and/or Reference Materials are provided to the member on behalf of Slo-Pitch National. Membership benefits may vary by region and fluctuate from year to year. Membership is voluntary, and all members, through participation, agree to abide by the rules and/or codes of conduct set forth by Slo-Pitch National in the Official Slo-Pitch Rulebook.



Tournament Programs


The Slo-Pitch National tournament program is composed of three levels of tournaments: Regional Tournaments, Provincial Championships and National Championships.



Regional Tournaments


Approximately 800 regional tournaments are hosted annually across Canada. The tournaments qualify teams for participation at the Provincial and National Championships.



Provincial Championships


Each region hosts a Provincial Championships where teams can compete for the title of Provincial Champion.



National Championships


National Championships are hosted each year at pre-determined locations. Teams qualify for the National Championships within their respective region and the ranking for the teams at the National Championships is determined by the Regional Director for the region that team resides within. Teams would typically qualify throughout the previous season of the championship (i.e. 2012 National Championship participants would have qualified in 2011).



Insurance Programs


Slo-Pitch National, in conjunction with Jones Brown Insurance Brokers, offers various insurance options for members in good standing. Through responsible risk management, Slo-Pitch National is committed to safe, fair and fun participation within our sport, at all levels of play. (link to our insurance program section)



Officiating Program


Slo-Pitch National offers a carding system for umpires across Canada. Each umpire must successfully pass an annual exam before he/she is considered a Carded SPN Umpire.
Umpire Clinics, with reference materials, are hosted each year and Slo-Pitch National encourages all umpires to attend these events and refer to these guidelines and rules.




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