Manitoba Provincial Championship - Tournament Schedule

SPN Coed Provincials Sept 1st

Little Mountain Sportsplex Winnipeg, MB


Contact Info: Spn Manitoba -

Teams are advised that the schedules posted are for convenience and planning purposes only. The official schedules will be posted at tournament headquarters during the event, and those will be the official Provincial Championship Tournament Schedules to be followed.

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01-Sep Loco   Gong Show 9am 1c
01-Sep Outcasts   Deadly Diamonds  9am 1d
01-Sep Stiff Competition    Norway House Warriors 9am 6a
01-Sep Armed and Hammered    Bat Intentions 9am 5c
01-Sep Wayne’s World    R.A.W. 9am 5d
01-Sep Moneyball   All Mixed Up 9am 6b
01-Sep Where’s My Glove   #toodeadly 9am 6c
01-Sep Psycho   TCN Sluggers 9am 6d
01-Sep Past Our Prime   Team Fireballz 10:20am 1c
01-Sep Manitoba Tigers   Hawks  10:20am 1d
01-Sep Sweatshop Swingers   Prophecy  10:20am 5c
01-Sep Psycho    Nightmare 10:20am 5d
01-Sep #toodeadly   Sweet Spot 10:20am 6c
01-Sep R.A.W.   Last Minute  10:20am 6d
01-Sep Loco   Deadly Diamonds  11:40am 5a
01-Sep Outcasts   Norway House Warriors 11:40am 5b
01-Sep Stiff Competition    Gong Show 11:40am 5c
01-Sep Armed and Hammered    Last Minute  11:40am 6b
01-Sep Bat Intentions    Wayne’s World  11:40am 6a
01-Sep Moneyball   Sweet Spot 11:40am 6c
01-Sep All Mixed Up    Where’s My Glove  11:40am 1c
01-Sep Hawks    Outsiders  11:40am 1d
01-Sep Nightmare    TCN Sluggers 11:40am 5d
01-Sep Past Our Prime   Outsiders  1:00pm 5d
01-Sep Team Fireballz   Manitoba Tigers  1:00pm 6b
01-Sep Sweatshop Swingers   TCN Sluggers 1:00pm 6c
01-Sep Prophecy    Psycho  1:00pm 6d
01-Sep Where’s My Glove   Sweet Spot 1:00pm 1c
01-Sep Bat Intentions    R.A.W. 1:00pm 1d
01-Sep Loco   Outcasts 2:30pm 6a
01-Sep Norway House Warriors    Gong Show  2:30pm 6b
01-Sep Stiff Competition    Deadly Diamonds  2:30pm 5c
01-Sep Armed and Hammered    R.A.W. 2:30pm 1c
01-Sep Bat Intentions    Last Minute  2:30pm 1d
01-Sep Moneyball   #toodeadly 2:30pm 5a
01-Sep All Mixed Up    Sweet Spot 2:30pm 5b
01-Sep Past Our Prime   Manitoba Tigers  2:30pm 5d
01-Sep Sweatshop Swingers   Psycho  2:30pm 6c
01-Sep Past Our Prime   Hawks  4:00pm 5d
01-Sep Team Fireballz   Outsiders  4:00pm 6c
01-Sep Sweatshop Swingers   Nightmare 4:00pm 6d
01-Sep Prophecy    TCN Sluggers 4:00pm 1d
01-Sep Armed and Hammered    Wayne’s World  4:00pm 1c
01-Sep Moneyball   Where’s My Glove  4:00pm 5a
01-Sep Loco   Norway House Warriors 5:30pm 6a
01-Sep Outcasts   Stiff Competition  5:30pm 6b
01-Sep Deadly Diamonds   Gong Show 5:30pm 5a
01-Sep Wayne's World   Last Minute  5:30pm 1c
01-Sep All Mixed Up    #toodeadly 5:30pm 1d
01-Sep Team Fireballz   Hawks  5:30pm 6c
01-Sep Manitoba Tigers   Outsiders  5:30pm 6d
01-Sep Prophecy    Nightmare 5:30pm 5a



01-Sep Brew Jays    Nut Slappers 9am 5a
01-Sep Tugeye   Rockford Peaches  9am 5b
01-Sep Brew Jays    Tugeye 10:20am 5a
01-Sep Nut Slappers    Rockford Peaches  10:20am 5b
01-Sep Fairford Braves    Last Call  10:20am 6a
01-Sep Balloholics    Those Dawgs 10:20am 6b
01-Sep Brew Jays    Fairford Braves  1:00pm 5a
01-Sep Tugeye   Balloholics  1:00pm 5b
01-Sep Rockford Peaches    Last Call  1:00pm 5c
01-Sep Nut Slappers    Those Dawgs 1:00pm 6a
01-Sep Brew Jays    Balloholics  3:40pm 6a
01-Sep Tugeye   Fairford Braves  3:40pm 6b
01-Sep Rockford Peaches    Those Dawgs 3:40pm 5b
01-Sep Nut Slappers    Last Call  3:40pm 5c
01-Sep Fairford Braves    Those Dawgs 5:30pm 5b
01-Sep Balloholics    Last Call  5:30pm 5c