Hall of Honour Inductee: Jay Tourangeau


Jay's name has become synonymous with an exceptional standard of achievement and commitment to the British Columbia slo-pitch community. His excellent defensive skills have made him one of the most versatile and respected players in "A" calibre slo-pitch for over a decade. Jay's efforts have also been instrumental in the establishment and rapid growth of the Slo-Pitch National program in British Columbia. Following the early influence of his father, Jay has also spent most of his life as an umpire and his knowledge of the rules of the game of slo-pitch is unparalleled. It was his ground work and commitment, in his role as the province's longest serving Umpire In Chief of the province to date, that helped lay the foundations of the British Columbia Slo-Pitch National Umpires Program. His dedication to the umpires' program quickly led to his selection as the Deputy Umpire In Chief (Technical) for SPN across Canada. To this day Jay continues to be actively involved and in his current capacity as the Provincial Coordinator, he has continued his efforts towards helping shape the development and direction of slo-pitch in British Columbia. These facts certainly help underscore his overall commitment to all facets of the game he loves and make his entry to the B.C. Hall of Honour a most deserved recognition.