Hall of Honour Inductee: Paul Langford

PAUL LANGFORD                                                                                                

Paul's commitment and devotion to the game of slo-pitch is unequalled in the province of British Columbia. His love for the game was nurtured in the mid-70's when he formed one of the most powerful teams in BC, a team which is still referred to by many people as one of the best teams to ever come out of the province. Paul's abilities to coach and play at a top national level have often been overlooked because of his passion for organizing leagues and tournaments, as well as performing his duties at Slo-Pitch National Regional Director. He is one of two people who started SPN-BC from its infancy in 1989, which under his direction has grown to become the dominant organization for slo-pitch in BC. Given the time and effort he has contributed to SPN-BC, no one individual is more deserving of this prestigious honour than Paul Langford.