Message from the National Officiating Committee

Hello, thank you for your continued interest in the great game of slo-pitch. The tremendous history of SPN has enriched many lives and it serves as a reminder that people are passionate about the sport. A sport that is played in the spirit of fun, enthusiasm and camaraderie. SPN is proud of the community spirit that it has fostered over the years and the many thousands of lives that have been enriched as a result of belonging.

One of the groups of people that have benefitted from the SPN family is umpires. The SPN umpires group has experienced significant growth over the last 25 years to a number that today exceeds 1500 and counting. This is an exciting time for us as SPN umpires as we continue to look at new, innovative ways of conducting business. Through a shared vision and sheer determination, we are striving to provide you with many more choices to access information that quite simply will allow you to become a better, more qualified and knowledgeable umpire.

As part of your regular visits to the new, improved SPN website, we hope you will gain a better insight as to who we are, what services we provide and our continuous efforts to improve. SPN always welcomes new umpires, players, coaches, sponsors and anyone else who carries the same passion about the great game of slo-pitch.

We are and always have been, an advocate to the fact that successful associations are ones that are made up of great people: people that want to make a difference. If we continue to act collaboratively and stay focused, we will be better positioned to take SPN to new heights.

Thank you for visiting and please feel free to contact us with any ideas, suggestions and or feedback about the new umpire’s page…

See you on the diamonds…