Seniors Slo-Pitch

Senior Slo-Pitch is enjoyed by thousands across Canada.

Senior slo-pitch in Canada now welcomes members who have been playing in our slo-pitch programs for 30 years. More Canadian Seniors are playing slo-pitch than ever before. Senior calibres (depending on the number of participating teams) can be divided into Competitive and Recreational divisions. 

Programs for +50 and +60 are currently offered in many regions throughout Canada.  Some rules have been developed to modify the Senior game. These include the number of allowable courtesy runners in a game as well as the number of defensive players on the playing field. Check with your local conveners to discuss rule modifications in Seniors programs in your area.

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Tournament of Champions berths are offered to the winners of the SPN National Championships as well as the winners of each Provincial Championship in each region in all Masters and Seniors categories. Various Can Am events held throughout the year also allow teams the opportunity to compete for berths to the Tournament of Champions.


Slo-Pitch National and Senior Softball USA Join Forces


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14th ANNUAL TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS Feb. 5 - Feb. 9, 2020:
Polk County Is ‘The County of Choice’


Slo-Pitch National to Represent Canada in Pacific Rim Federation


7th Annual Pacific Rim Championships Play Ball in an Island Paradise Oct. 22- Oct. 26, 2019



Edmonton, Alberta

Mens 60


Brampton, Ontario

Mens 50 A
Mens 50 IM
Mens 50 E


Provincial Championships


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MAY 23-24, 2020

Mens Masters 50 COMP · 50 IM · 50 REC

Mens Seniors 60

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