Slo-Pitch National and Senior Softball USA Join Forces

February 21, 2019

Slo-Pitch National of Canada and Senior Softball USA announced today that they have agreed to establish a permanent, mutually beneficial joint venture to promote slow-pitch softball in both Canada and the United States.

Three major SPN tournaments – The SPN National Championships, the SPN Provincial Championships and the SPN Can-Am Championships -- will qualify winning teams for the SSUSA Tournament of Champions in Florida. The three tournaments will also qualify teams for the 600-team World Masters Championships in Las Vegas.

SPN will promote major SSUSA Northern Regional Championships to SPN senior teams.

“We are extremely excited to work with Trish Harrow Rodic and Slo-Pitch National to build excitement and participation for Master and Senior players throughout Canada and the United States through our Joint Venture,” said Terry Hennessy, CEO of SSUSA.

Harrow Rodic explains “It is our pleasure to promote Senior Softball to our Canadian members. A strong Seniors program exists in Canada, with many of our member teams taking advantage of the Canadian off season to compete in the SSUSA championship events in Florida and Las Vegas. We are pleased to be able to offer our members the opportunity to participate and provide them with details on how to do so at”.

SPN teams and players will also be invited to International Tournaments, which SSUSA has set up of three decades in more than 35 countries. This year, 76 players and their families will compete and tour through the French and Italian Riviera from May 1 – 14, playing tournaments in Genoa, Italy and Nice, France.

One of the three traveling teams has both US and Canadian players and will be known as the US/Canada team. The International Tour for 2020 is planned for Australia and New Zealand. Details will be available this summer.

The agreement is designed to be a permanent arrangement that automatically renews each year.

Tricia Harrow Rodic, President, SPN

Terry Hennessy, CEO, SSUSA

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