Slo-Pitch National to Represent Canada in Pacific Rim Federation


The Pacific Rim Slow-Pitch Softball Federation is happy to announce that Slo-Pitch National has accepted an invitation to join the Pacific Rim Federation representing Canada.

“Players from Federation countries are looking forward to welcoming SPN to the Pacific Rim Federation to expand the opportunity of SPN players to build international friendships through competition,” said Terry Hennessy, president of the Pacific Rim Federation.

The Pacific Rim Slow-Pitch Softball Federation was established in 2012 by delegates from China, Japan, Taiwan and the United States to promote international friendship through the sport in the Pacific Rim region.

The promotion is centered around the annual Pacific Rim Championships, which has rotated to different member countries each year. Each country is allowed two teams.

The 7th Annual Pacific Rim Championships will be hosted by the United States this year in Hawaii Oct. 24- 25.  Click for more information 

“This year we will be inviting a number of countries in the Pacific Rim to join – and we are very proud to announce that Canada is the first,” said Hennessy, who is also CEO of Senior Softball USA.

“Joining the Pacific Rim Federation allows Slo-Pitch National teams the opportunity to travel and compete globally, sharing their love of slo-pitch with players from around the world. SPN is excited to be included with the United States, China, Japan and Taiwan in this venture” says Trish Harrow Rodic, President of Slo-Pitch National.

Players interested in joining the Canadian teams to compete in the Pacific Rim Championships in Hawaii, please contact Slo-Pitch National at

Tricia Harrow Rodic, President, SPN

Terry Hennessy, CEO, SSUSA

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