Frequently Asked Questions


Search for Tournament Listings Online Through the Event Calendar

Once you have decided what tournament you would like to play in, it’s this easy:

  1. Call or email the contact listed for the event.

  1. Arrange to fill out a team waiver/roster form (a list of your players) for this event.  If your team is already setup in the online registration system, the Team Contact has the ability to “Generate” a team waiver/roster in PDF format and can then quickly email it to the tournament convener.

  1. Arrange with the tournament convener on how best to deliver your waiver/roster form & entry fee.

  1. Contact the convener to make sure your tournament entry form was received.

  1. Find out from the convener when you can expect to find out your game times for the event.

  1. Make arrangements to be at the event in plenty of time to play your first game.

It’s that easy, enjoy the weekend with your team mates!

And remember have fun – it’s just a game!

Note: All teams participating in Molson Slo-Pitch events must be current members of Slo-Pitch National – the event contact person will explain this to you and get you registered if you are not currently a member.

Contact your local Tournament Coordinator. You can find contact info for your local Tournament Coordinator in the SPN Personnel List on the website, or in the back of your current Rulebook.

Yes, you can potentially play in 3 separate categories: Men’s/Women’s, Coed & Masters/Seniors. You cannot however play in multiple divisions within each category (ie. Men’s E & Men’s D).

Entries are received and processed on a first-come, first-served basis until the division reaches maximum capacity. Some regions provide a deadline date which will be posted on the Provincial Championship information page of your regions website, please check your regions Provincial Championship Information page for more details.

Your 2nd tournament must be played during the current season, and before you can enter your team into the Provincial Championships. The divisions fill up fast so be sure to get your 2nd tournament in early so that you can ensure your team registers on time before the division fills.

Online Registration

No, you definitely should not create a new account at any time, as this creates member duplication. After 5 attempts of entering an incorrect username or password the system will lock you out for security purposes. If you have been locked out, please contact your regional office and we will be happy to unlock your account and assist you in obtaining and/or resetting your login information.

We accept Visa and MasterCard payments online which will be processed immediately when you submit your order. If you do not have or wish to pay by credit card, you can most definitely pay by cash or cheque by choosing the “Cheque” option during the payment process.

In this case, ensure that you complete your order (you will receive an order receipt/confirmation upon completion), then mail your cheque to your regional office with reference to your order # that is found on your receipt. If you live near your regional office, you can also choose to pay cash in the same way you would pay by cheque (never send cash in the mail). You will not be officially registered until your cash/cheque payment is received and marked as paid by your regional office personnel.

Yes. We are constantly monitoring our systems to ensure the security of your information. When you are asked to enter sensitive information (such as a credit card number) the information is encrypted and protected using industry-standard SSL encryption. We use SSL Security for all pages that have user data input. That means every time someone logs in, it’s encrypted and protected. The proof is when you look at the URL line and it says https:// etc… the “s” stands for Secure. Go to a normal webpage and you won’t see that.

No, you use the same username and password you created last year.  If you can’t remember them, use the “Forgot your username or password?” link on the login page (

It’s possible that the birthdate you originally entered while creating your account had defaulted back to the current year.  Therefore the system thinks that you haven’t even been born yet.  Please contact our office at or 416-674-1802 and we will be happy to correct your birthdate in the system.

No, the username and password gives you access to the system. All roles you have in SPN will be linked to that one account so you have access to all your information in one place.


Umpire contacts can be provided to you through your Regional Director or Provincial Umpire-In-Chief.

All umpires will need to have successfully completed the current year exam, available online at Once you have passed the exam, you will be sent your registration package which includes a Red Umpire Hat and other pertinent information.

Umpires are typically assigned through local Umpire Associations. For a list of Umpire Associations in your area, please contact or your Regional Director.

Provincial Umpire-In-Chiefs will select the umpires for the Provincial Championships. For selection criteria, please contact your Provincial Umpire-In-Chief.

Umpires who have been selected to officiate at the National Championships will have attended a current year clinic. Provincial Umpire-In-Chiefs work with the National Umpire-In-Chief to select umpires for the National Championships. For selection criteria, please contact your Provincial Umpire-In-Chief.

Umpires are covered at all sanctioned Slo-Pitch National Events. (including SPN League events)

All umpire uniforms items and equipment can be purchased through Home Run Sports at their retail outlets or online at

An incident report form is included in your registration package that is sent to you once you have successfully completed your exam. Please complete the incident report in full and submit it to the National Office immediately. If the incident requires additional reporting, you can do so via email to the National Office at or submit it to the National Office at 63 Galaxy Blvd #4, Toronto, ON M9W 5R7


Once a team registration has been received by the Slo-Pitch National office, you will be considered a member of Slo-Pitch National. Each team is provided with a current year rulebook, a current year Assumption of Risk & Liability Team Waiver/Roster form, and a subscription of the Slo-Pitch National Magazine. Members will have access to member promotions throughout each year, and are also eligible to participate in Slo-Pitch National tournaments. Insured and Noninsured membership packages are available.