How to Enter a Local Tournament

Search for Tournament Listings Online Through the Event Calendar

Once you have decided what tournament you would like to play in, it’s this easy:

  1. Call or email the contact listed for the event.
  1. Arrange to fill out a team waiver/roster form (a list of your players) for this event.  If your team is already setup in the online registration system, the Team Contact has the ability to “Generate” a team waiver/roster in PDF format and can then quickly email it to the tournament convener.
  1. Arrange with the tournament convener on how best to deliver your waiver/roster form & entry fee.
  1. Contact the convener to make sure your tournament entry form was received.
  1. Find out from the convener when you can expect to find out your game times for the event.
  1. Make arrangements to be at the event in plenty of time to play your first game.

It’s that easy, enjoy the weekend with your team mates!

And remember have fun – it’s just a game!

Note: All teams participating in Molson Slo-Pitch events must be current members of Slo-Pitch National – the event contact person will explain this to you and get you registered if you are not currently a member.